Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We're the Government--and You're Not

This is hilarious:
(Thanks to Art Carden for the link.)

It is a satirical video about why government is good for you. I wish it were longer. There are so many more policies that could be mocked:

-Why it's good for you that there are tariffs and quotas that make you pay twice the world price for sugar, and tariffs that make you pay an extra 25% for imported pickup trucks.

-Why it's good for you that your postal service is provided by a government monopoly.

-Why it's good for you that the government can sieze your land merely because it thinks it can get higher tax revenue our of an alternative use.

-Why it's good for you that the government decides whether or not your relationship gets to count as marriage (but it doesn't need to rule on who can be your friends, or your acquaintances, or your best buddy).

-Why it's good for you that the government subsidizes corn producers, so that they can produce ethanol, which provides poorer fuel economy and horsepower than gasoline, while using roughly the same amount of energy to produce as it provides (it may even provide less energy than is used to produce it).

I could go on and on.