Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blogs That I Enjoy

Here is a list of blogs that I enjoy reading, along with some comments:

Brad Delong's Semi-Daily Journal
This is a left-leaning blog written by an expert in economic history. His blog tends to have a macro bent to it, but I still somehow manage to enjoy it. Professor Delong is fair when reviewing the work of people with whom he has political disagreements, and he is always provocative and interesting. My only complaint is that he is excessively abrasive, resorting to name-calling. I'm sure he'd respond that it is deserved, and maybe it is, but I couldn't bring myself to have a "stupidest man alive" regular feature.

Cafe Hayek
Primarily written by Don Boudreaux and Russel Roberts, this is a general economics blog that tends to focus on criticizing mainstream economics from a free-market perspective. The educational posts, particularly on trade, are fantastic. The Econtalk podcasts by Russell Roberts are also fantastic. I sometimes think that the blog posts are a bit fuzzy, though. The authors are not anarchists, yet they always come down as opposed to government intervention; I would like to hear them explain what they think the proper role of government actually is. Do they support any environmental regulation, for example, or do they believe the political outcome will always be inefficient? The recent podcast with Bruce Yandle gave me the impression that Russell Roberts would never support any environmental regulation.

David Friedman's Ideas
David Friedman (the son of Milton Friedman) is an economist anarchist anachronist libertarian who has never taken a class in economics or law, yet teaches economics in a law school. There may be two libertarians somewhere who agree with each other, but David Friedman is not one of them (or so he says). His posts range from economics to biology to his what his preferred cell phone would be like. Recently he's been blogging about his efforts to help his daughter find a college. This is one of my favorite blogs, as it's always interesting, thoughtful, and fair.

Autoblog and Autoblog Green
These sites are good sources of the latest information on autmotive technology. I find technological innovation in cars fascinating.

The Undercover Economist by Tim Harford
This is another general economics blog by an economist known for his prose. He wrote a book by the same name which I highly recommend. He's one of the best economic communicators we have. Harford doesn't seem to have a particular political axe to grind, although like most economists, he leans more heavily toward markets than the average person.

Marginal Revolution

This is probably the top economics blog (in terms of traffic). Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok comment on anything and everything, not all of it close to what most people consider economics. Personally I find much of Cowen's stuff a bit on the cutesy side, but it is still fun to read most of the time.

Hit & Run
This is Reason Magazine's award-winning blog. Various Reason authors contribute on all sorts of subjects. Sometimes the hyperbole gets to be a bit much (as should be expected from a libertarian blog from an avowedly libertarian magazine). Still, it's usually good for quite a few laughs and some thought-provoking links. I particularly like the Progressive Rock Youtube links on weekends (although I'm not really sure why they're there).

I also read Mankiw's blog on occasion, and this environmental economics blog, although I often find them to be dry.