Wednesday, December 09, 2009

An Important Public Service Announcment: MST3K on Hulu

HT to Bret Butgereit for pointing this out: five episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 are available on Hulu (for free, of course). So far it's only episodes from seasons four, five, and six. Secret Agent Super Dragon is, I think, particularly good (and weird).

Of course, if you're really keen to watch more MST3K, they're all available free on Youtube and Google Video, and you can buy most episodes on DVD. The downside of Youtube is that quality is often poor, and one sometimes has to hunt down the different pieces of each episode. I recommend starting with shorts, like "Mr. B Natural", "Snow Thrills" and "X Marks the Spot".

An economics tie-in: When does recycling make economic sense? It makes sense when the value of the recycled product exceeds the costs of recycling. In the case of MST3K, we know that recycling these terrible old movies is worth it because people are willing to pay enough to cover the costs of doing so. With other forms of recycling, this may not be so clear--it depends on the value of the resource consumed in the recycling process, and whether or not the process itself produces pollution that harms others.