Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Let's Play "Pat Robertson Channels God's Anger"

We all remember how Pat Robertson let us in on why God smote New Orleans and Haiti. This raises the question, why does God hate Nashville? Or more accurately, what is the reason Pat Robertson would (will?) give for why God hates Nashville?

On Facebook, Eric Lease suggested "It's that demon country music!".

Also on Facebook, Art Carden suggested "They finally released Johnny Cash's American VI, so Nashville has apparently outlived its usefulness.

My own suggestions: Tennessee failed to make it illegal for gays to adopt last year (Nashville being the seat of the state government). 

What do you think? What horrible sin has Nashville committed to deserve divine wrath? 

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brent butgereit said...

In downtown Nashville there are boxes spread throughout the city. They are large, green (if I remember correctly), and blast terrible music. No kind God would allow such evil persistent. To punish the wicked men who designed these demonic contraptions, he sent a flood.