Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More Pictures of Nashville from Metrocenter and Salemtown

I went for a bike ride around Metrocenter with the crummy 2 megapixel camera in my cell phone and took some pictures and really low-quality videos. The area has experienced some flooding. It doesn't look like the buildings are in terrible shape. Last night my wife and I were part of a huge crowd that showed up to throw sandbags on a low spot in the levee that shields Metrocenter from the Cumberland River.

Some of the pictures below are panorama stitched together from several pictures. Combine the terrible quality of the camera with stitching and the result is a pretty bad image, but you can at least get an impression of the water levels. Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here's Morgan Park. That big body of water is supposed to be a big open grass area, with a baseball diamond in one corner. The auto stitching is particularly bad here. I had some images to the left, too, but the change in perspective made them unstitchable.

More pictures after the jump.

This picture was taken from the bike path atop the levee. The building across the river would normally be way above the water level; now it's in at least five feet of water.

This should give you a better idea of the change in water level. Some of these trees are probably forty feet tall normally; they're twenty to thirty feet underwater.

Here's the Titans practice inflatable thingy. I guess there's a field inside. The water goes all the way up to it; that would normally all be parking lots. 

The Fountain Square mall at Metro Center has a large pond by it; now it's a huge pond.

Workers were pumping water back into the river from the parking lots. You can see the tubes at the other end of this tunnel. I'm not certain of the purpose of this "tunnel", but I think it's supposed to keep people away from water equipment on the right side of the trail (the tunnel is a permanent structure, not something put up during the flood).

I uploaded some videos from my phone. The quality is absolutely abysmal. They're something like 175 x 140 pixels. Yuck. The embed code doesn't seem to center them properly, so you may want to open them in another tab or window.

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