Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pictures From the New Nashville Aquarium

You might have heard that we got some record rainfall here in Nashville. In fact, it's been disastrous, with many homes destroyed and businesses damaged. Our house here is fine, although the dogs have been getting cabin fever from being cooped up all day.

We went for a walk to take some pictures this afternoon (all of the pictures below were taken by my wife). The Salemtown/Germantown neighborhood seems to have fared pretty well. Here's a view of Morgan Park from the river side, looking back to the west toward the community center (visible on the right). The park itself is flooded.

More pictures after the jump.

Here are a couple dogs frolicking in the water. You can see the sidewalk disappearing into the water. Over by the baseball diamond (not visible, but it's over to the right) the water was maybe seven to ten feet deep.

We walked down the greenway by the water treatment center. Normally there's a nice spot by the river with a bench and a trash can, where one can see the river. The entire area was underwater when we got there. You're looking at the Cumberland River, where there should be grass and trees. 

That rail is part of a hill that goes down somewhat steeply, and the bench and trash can are at the bottom, under all that water. You normally can't really see the river at all from this spot. 

We then headed over to the Bicentennial Mall and the Farmer's Market, where there was supposed to be some serious flood damage. Here's the auditorium at the south end of the mall (which you can see here on Google Maps):

The capital hill would be on the left. That must be twenty feet of water, maybe more.

Heading over to the Farmer's Market, the intersection of Harrison St. and Rosa Parks Blvd. was flooded.

That doesn't really convey the flooding that occurred, so here's a cell phone video to give you a better idea of the scale. 
You can see the pink Nash Trash tour bus toward the end.

Heading over toward the Farmer's Market, we were saddened to see some pretty serious damage. The various plant sellers have suffered some serious damage to their inventory, the water was well up into the parking lot, trapping a couple vehicles.

Looks like the furniture store re-opening across the street from the Farmer's Market won't be so grand after all.

There are signs of damage inside the Farmer's Market, where some of our favorite restaurants reside. I hope Jamaicaway doesn't have to close down for long.

Sorry about the glare on the glass; there wasn't much to do about it. You can get a better idea of how high the water came from this picture.

It looks like something happened at the Dollar General--either this SUV crashed into the side (or perhaps floated into the side), or the side of the building buckled and the perspective is just making it look like the SUV was involved. Either way, they must have lost at least half their inventory. 

We didn't see any flooded residences during our walk, but there are some areas around Nashville--Bellevue and Antioch, for example--which have apparently experienced damage severe enough for evacuations. The Red Cross is providing temporary shelter. Fortunately, there isn't supposed to be much rain for the next few days, so the water should recede fairly quickly. 

Here's a video of a temporary school building floating down I-24.

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