Thursday, June 03, 2010

Miscellaneous Links

Here are some things that are worth reading.

How can people miss the obvious parallels between alcohol prohibition and drug prohibition, and if they don't, how can they think drug prohibition is still a good idea?

This article on record teenage unemployment prompts Don Boudreaux to write one of his many letters to the editor pointing out that there was a recent record hike in the minimum wage, which the article's author doesn't even mention. Mark Perry provides a nifty graph and commentary. Here's the They Might Be Giants song, Minimum Wage.

After events like the bungled attack on the "freedom flotilla", I first think about the wonders of free trade, but then I turn to something else: Why are we sending any money to Israel? I don't mean to imply that they don't deserve aid because they're evil, or that I'm taking any particular stance on Middle East politics. Rather, I wonder why we send almost $3 billion in aid each year to a country with a per capita GDP of over $31,000. We're sending aid to a very wealthy country. Do they really need our help? Assuming that aid actually does anything (which isn't so clear, in terms of economic development, anyway), wouldn't those $3 billion do more good in a country that is poor? I can't help but think it would do more good in Haiti, even if half of it were squandered.

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